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AEGIS Guardian - Reaccreditation

After hard work and constant improvement, we are very pleased to announce that YES Guardians continues to be an AEGIS Accredited Guardian – based on the success stories of our current students and beyond.

As mentioned on the What is an AEGIS Guardian page, this is a big deal, as it means that over other Guardianships that we are an organisation you can trust looking after your loved ones.

We continue to thank all of our host familes, students, parents and schools/colleges we work with for our strong working relationships, and look forward to welcoming new members to our YES Family over the coming months.

A summary of the report is available below, as well as a link to the full document.

“It was a pleasure to conduct this inspection for YES Guardians Ltd. The wife and husband team have a lovely ethos and demonstrate such care and attention to the students they support. They were organised with the paperwork and prompt to supply anything that was missing or to discuss any information and requirements. They have shown a desire to give the best service possible and communication on all levels is strong, with frequent contact being made with students, parents, homestays and schools.”

“The services provided vary depending on the package – Silver package which includes student care and welfare, homestay, transport and 24-hour support and Gold package which also includes academic monitoring. However, they also provide ‘little touches’ of bespoke care regardless of the package taking time to get to the know the students personally to learn of their needs and ensure these are met, for example hosting each student for their first stay so they really get to know them, supporting homesickness and even providing hampers of home foods.”

“The Directors have considerable experience in hospitals and are well placed to provide support to students on mental health and safeguarding. They have good relationships with the Local Authority and Social Services. The company take recruitment seriously and have robust systems for safer recruitment, when employing staff and homestay families. A single central record is held for safer recruitment checks. Many of these homestay families are sourced through friends and professional contacts in local hospital, police and security services. Hence, they are very experienced in dealing with children and are often trained to a higher level in safeguarding.

It would be a pleasure to confirm their Re-Accreditation as AEGIS Preliminary members.”

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