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Boarding School Guardianship.

Reliable and Safe Transport Arrangements

Airport Chaperone and a choice of security checked transport options for your child to and from the airport to school, as well as to any other events within the UK.

THE BEST host families

We pride ourselves on the quality of our host families, which you can hopefully see by the smiling faces on the website from the students that have stayed with them


We constantly speak to the parents, schools and indeed the student during their time under our Guardianship (and indeed, even when they have left school!) via email, WhatsApp, WECHAT or any method that is preferred

Our interpretation of a Guardian

At YES Guardians we offer individualised guardianship packages tailored to the students individual, welfare and educational needs.

Once appointed, the guardian or guardianship organisation is responsible for the student whilst in the UK and when the school might be closed. Guardians also step in in the event of an emergency.

Happy & safe students are our priority, and this is where YES Guardians can help you achieve peace of mind about your children while they study here in the UK.

We genuinely believe we offer a personal touch Guardianship service that is second to none of any other in the UK. 


Can a school act as a Guardian?

From September 2022, The BSA (British School Association) have made it a requirement, in Standard 22.5 of their guidance on the UK Government Website – quote “Under no circumstances should school staff be appointed as an educational guardian for borders”.

The Guidance in full is available on the UK Government Website.

Why do you need a Guardian?

Being in the UK can be an unnerving, scary but ultimately amazing experience if working with the right people, which is where we feel a Guardian goes a long way into ensuring that. The word Guardian means to look after and Guard someone, and that is exactly what we do here at YES Guardians.

We also understand it can be worrying as parents for your loved ones to be in another country, so having that familiar, caring and friendly individual to contact with any worry or concern, or even to fill in some forms for you can be a massive relief.

Along side this, most UK Boarding Schools require pupils to have a UK Guardian, to look after them in addition to the school. They can be there if there is an emergency or a situation that requires their input.

All of our services are accredited by AEGIS with our current accreditation, so you can trust that your children are being looked after by individuals with your child’s interest at heart.

Yes Guardians are excellent and provide great services

When we decided that our 16 year old daughter would attend boarding school in the UK, we were excited and immediately nervous about how she would be cared for while there. We found Yes Guardians and worked with Hayley & Marc Harris to understand how their services could help us. We are so glad we did. They have made things so much easier for us and the genuine care they have for my daughter has helped immensely. They are proactive in their communications and they put our daughters well being and safety at the top of the priority list. They've arranged transportation to and from the airport, they've helped as our daughter navigated things with her host family and most of all, they are always there no matter what or when you need them. We couldn't be happier with our relationship with them. I wouldn't hesitate using them again or recommending them to anyone needing a guardian program. They're the best.

Steve Dussek

Parent of 16 year old student studying in the UK

Why YES Guardians?

Years of experience with Children and Young People from all across the world. We aren’t just a Guardianship, we are also a Host.

Staff are very experienced with young people as a Paediatric Ward Manager and Experience working for Social Services

It goes without saying that our staff are fully security checked to the official UK Government requirements (DBS checked) and also offer extra in that we have a Paediatric Ward Manager as a director, as well as our other director who has worked with Children’s Social Services, looking after the most vulnerable of children.

We have also hosted students in our own home for nearly ten years, so have that personal experience many other organisations do not.

Highest levels of Safeguarding training

With the above in mind, all of our staff have not just the basic, but enhanced level of security and safeguarding training available to them.

Home from Home host families

Hopefully the pictures on the website speak for themselves, but all of our host families are picked by our directors with the following in mind.

  • Every need met
  • We love to cook
  • Comfortable bedroom and environment
  • Located in easy reach of things to do

We always ask the question – would we be happy for our children to be in this environment….? We firmly believe the host family experience should enhance and enrich the life experience of the student whilst away from school, and also offer a comfortable, relaxing place to study.

We are also in the position to be able to offer host families all across the UK for the longer school holidays at Easter, Summer and Christmas as well as the Exeat weekends, so we understand the need to feel comfortable as parents that your children are going to a safe, friendly, warm environment.

Enhanced knowledge and experience of COVID Safety that goes beyond others.

Due to our experience in the National Health Service, our working knowledge of COVID guidelines, we feel is beyond those with formal training. Real life experience cannot be replicated in a course. This includes using COVID safe companies as drivers and Host Families.

Our Packages for Boarding School Students

Apply for Guardianship now

Someone will contact you straight back, or if you would like to send us a general question or enquiry, click the contact us button. We would love to hear from you, and hope you choose to start to begin your YES Guardians journey with us.

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