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Host Families and Homestay

Our experience as a Host Family and Host Family Recruiter

How we choose Host Families

We encourage applications from anyone who feels they could provide a warm, friendly environment for one or more of our students. If we have Students needing home stay in that area, we will be in touch and find out more about you as people.

Also, where possible, a Home Visit will be conducted by YES Guardians, or a visual inspection of the Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Communal spaces in the family home. 

The directors of YES Guardians Hayley & Marc provide accommodation for students at their family home along with their two daughters.

We have been doing this for over ten years, and with hundreds of individual pieces of positive feedback. 

From this experience, we have very high standards for our host families.

Students will feel like part of our family, joining us for fun days out at the weekend. We will also ensure that there is plenty of time for study and school work supporting the students with their academia. We expect this same level of friendliness, helpfulness and warmth from all of our Host Families.