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Introduction to Studying English in the UK

Studying English in the UK offers a gateway to not only mastering the language but also immersing oneself in British life. This guide explores the benefits of choosing the UK for your English language education and highlights the top English language schools across popular destinations.

Our Summer School for Groups

We are fortunate to be able to offer a fantastic experience to any groups of students in from outside of Britain in our Extra Summer Progammes. Offering a focus on fun and study in a group based setting in the beautiful town of Cheltenham in the Cotswolds. Close to Oxford, Bristol, Birmingham and only 2 hours by coach to London.

Including a mixture of activites and EFL classes with fully qualified teachers – it is a perfect opportunity to practise our England language, and build up conversation confidence – and hugely improve students confidence, and hopefully make new friends too.

Usually starting with a exam or test to understand fluency through each student – they can then be placed into a team to get the most out of the week, or two week period which is recommended. Our partners will support you throughout the whole booking process and assure you get the right balance between culture and study.

Usually the courses run over the summer period, so June, July and August, the course can run as an exchange with any other school in the area. Where a group of students can go and study in an English school for a period of time. Perfect qualities to learn for going to University.

We also prefer as part of our package, the young people to stay in a host family, rather than a hotel, to further enhance their experience and make new friends.

What does the package involve?

Discover a summer holiday in beautiful Cheltenham, England in our purpose built language school.

  • Study English in a classroom setting with a teaching range provided based on ability. Appropriate course provided depending on length of booking. Fully qualified teachers.

  • Study English in a vibrant school, with students to socialise with from all over the world.

  • Any age welcome, but a preference for groups of 16+

  • Preference for two week courses to fully learn English and allow the student to experience the school to the maximum.

  • Host family, half board accommodation for the student.

  • Nominated person and point of contact for support throughout the course.

  • 3 afternoon activities including excursion to another point of interest or town in England.

  • Full day Saturday Excursion

  • 3 evening activities suitable for appropriate age.

  • Help build confidence for the student.

  • Potential for the student to have an exchange and experience in English schools.

Why our language school?

Full Communication Immersion

Cheltenham has a population of 120,000 and the people who live here are predominantly British. It is a typical English town where you can experience real English life and culture, students will be taught by an Native speaking teacher and stay in an Native speaking family; a true immersion programme.


Cheltenham has no discernible accent, so communication is clear and understandable.

Central Location

The school is based in the centre of Cheltenham, only 50 metres away from the main high street. Cheltenham is centrally located in the UK with easy access to other destinations like Bristol, Oxford, Bath, Cardiff and Birmingham.

Safe Area

The town has a very low crime rate and students will feel safe in the town centre and suburban areas. It is currently a Purple Flag area – which means it is safe and secure.


Accommodation for students is either a walk or a short bus journey away. Students will be impressed how quick and easy it is to get around the town, either walking to school or going home at night to their homestay.

Non EFL Town

We are the only private English language school locally, which provides maximum exposure to the culture and people the young people deserve to thrive..

Beautiful Cheltenham

Cheltenham is a vibrant and exciting English town, in the heart of the Cotswolds an area of outstanding natural beauty. Here you can concentrate on improving your English in a pleasant and tranquil environment without the stress of busier destinations. Cheltenham is a university town with a reputation for its excellent shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, clubs, cinemas and theatres.

Rave reviews

A wonderful mix of the traditional and the new,  Cheltenham nestles against the Cotswolds as the perfect place to unwind and refresh your mind, body and soul.  With unique festival vibes, an abundance of independent and much loved High Street shops, and incredible dining experiences from street food to Michelin starred fine dining. Cheltenham truly is a must-visit town.

Voted the Best Place to Live in the South West by The Sunday Times with its education, culture and connectivity highlighted amongst its best attributes.  As the most complete Regency town with a population of just 117,000, Cheltenham is intimate and friendly, a civilised place of culture, learning and discovery.

We are proud to have received rave reviews from international press including the New York Times who described our town as enjoying a cultural renaissance with many “happening spots”.  The Sunday Times referred to Cheltenham as “a family-friendly spa town that puts the gloss into Gloucestershire” and the Independent called Cheltenham a “Design Destination” with stylish places to eat, drink and stay.

Contact us to find out more about our school

We would love to welcome you to Cheltenham, and experience a wonderful vacation with us, full of learning and fun

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FAQ Section – further information that may be useful

Immerse Yourself in British Culture While Improving Your English Language Skills

Studying English in the UK goes beyond the classroom. It allows students to experience firsthand the rich tapestry of England, from historical landmarks to modern art galleries. By living and learning in cities like London, Brighton, or Chester, students can absorb the nuances of daily life and language use in a native setting.

Enhance Your Career Prospects with a Course

A UK-based English language course not only improves language proficiency but also enhances career opportunities. Whether aiming for higher education in prestigious UK universities or pursuing professional growth in global business hubs, study of English in the UK opens doors to a world of possibilities.

Choose from a Wide Range of English Courses and Language Schools

English language courses tailored to various needs. Whether you’re preparing for English proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL, honing business communication techniques through specialized courses, or simply improving general English proficiency, there’s a course suited to every learner’s goals and interests.

Different Types of English Courses and Language Schools Available

Different styles cater to a spectrum of learners. From general English courses focusing on all language skills to intensive exam preparation courses designed to boost test scores, each English course is crafted to meet specific educational

Discover the Benefits of Studying English

Studying English offers more than just language proficiency. It provides an opportunity to explore academic and cultural life in a renowned educational setting, fostering personal growth and global awareness.

Get an Overview of the English Language Learning Experience

The English language learning experience blends useful speech with cultural immersion to practice this speech. Students benefit from experienced teachers, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive environment conducive to language acquisition.

Types of English Courses

English Language Courses

General English courses cater to learners of all fluency levels and ages, to learn english focusing on enhancing overall language skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. From skilled staff teaching English.

English Test Preparation Courses

Prepare effectively for English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and Cambridge exams with specialized courses designed to optimize exam performance and improve academic prospects.


Business English Courses

Gain proficiency in business communication through targeted courses that equip professionals with the language skills necessary for study and success in global business environments.

Specialty English Courses

Combine language learning with personal interests such as sports, arts, or culinary pursuits, offering a unique and enriching educational experience tailored to individual passions.

What to Look for in an English Language School

Factors to Consider When Selecting a School

Choosing the right English language school involves considering factors like accreditation, teacher qualifications, school location, and available facilities to ensure a fulfilling learning experience.

Importance of Accreditation and Certification

Ensure the school is accredited by recognized bodies such as the British Council, guaranteeing high standards of education and credibility in the international academic community.

Experienced Teachers and Staff

Benefit from learning under experienced and qualified English language instructors who provide personalized attention and guidance, fostering academic and personal growth.

Immersing in British Culture

Experiencing British Culture While Studying English

Participate in cultural activities and events that offer a fantastic experience, deepening understanding of British customs and traditions, providing insights into local life while improving language fluency through practical immersion.

Online Classes and Resources

Supplementing In-Class Learning with Online Resources

Access online classes and resources to enhance English language skills to learn English outside traditional classroom settings, offering flexibility and additional support tailored to individual learning preferences.

Accommodation and Social Programs

Types of Accommodation Options for English Language Students

Choose from accommodation options such as homestays with local families, student house shares, or hotels, each offering unique opportunities to experience British hospitality and daily life.

Social Programs and Activities for Language Learners

Engage in a social programme designed to facilitate language practice and cultural exchange, fostering friendships and enhancing language proficiency in a supportive and interactive environment. The social programme includes plenty of opportunities for students to enjoy day trips to other places in the UK in and around Gloucestershire.