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GCSE Results Independent UK Schools

The quest for academic excellence is a hallmark of independent schools across the UK, and the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) results often serve as a measure of that excellence. When families, educators, and policymakers look to compare GCSE results, they often turn to the GCSE league tables that rank schools based on their performance. These tables, often updated annually with the latest exam data, provide a snapshot of how well schools are doing in preparing their students for these critical exams​1​​2​.

RankingSchool NameA*/A PercentageNumber of CandidatesLocation in UKType of SchoolBoys, Girls or Mixed?Total number of pupils
1City of London School For Girls98.7101Greater LondonDayGirls738
2Westminster School98.0115Greater LondonDay & BoardingBoys (coed sixth form)776
3Guildford High School97.2118SurreyDayGirls1002
4King’s College School (KCS)97.1163Greater LondonDayBoys (coed sixth form)1194
5City of London School96.8142Greater LondonDayBoys1040
6Wycombe Abbey96.491BuckinghamshireDay & BoardingGirls653
7Oxford International College95.844OxfordshireDay & BoardingCoeducational356
8Highgate School95.7185Greater LondonDayCoeducational1880
9King Edward VI High School for Girls94.992West MidlandsDayGirls661
10St Mary’s School Ascot94.763BerkshireDay & BoardingGirls398
11South Hampstead High School GDST94.3101Greater LondonDayGirls948
12Brighton College93.8202East SussexDay & BoardingCoeducational1136
13Trinity School93.1139SurreyDayBoys1059
14Magdalen College School93.0108OxfordshireDayBoys (coed sixth form)979
15Dulwich College92.9222Greater LondonDay & BoardingBoys (some girls)1870
16Alleyn’s School92.7148Greater LondonDayCoeducational1073
17St Albans School92.7136HertfordshireDayBoys (coed sixth form)906
18Notting Hill and Ealing High School GDST92.288Greater LondonDayGirls905
19Royal Grammar School92.0148SurreyDayBoys969
20Reigate Grammar School91.5163SurreyDayCoeducational1094
21Whitgift School91.3231Greater LondonDay & BoardingBoys1548
22University College School, Hampstead90.9119Greater LondonDayBoys (coed sixth form)950
23King Edward’s School90.7114SomersetDayCoeducational1169
24Wellington College90.4204BerkshireDay & BoardingCoeducational1100
25St Catherine’s, Bramley90.492SurreyDay & BoardingGirls627
26Surbiton High School90.4185SurreyDayGirls1122
27The Abbey School90.2120BerkshireDayGirls1012
28St Helen’s School89.0112Greater LondonDayGirls1201
29Cardiff Sixth Form College88.835Cardiff, WalesDay & BoardingCoeducational373
30Emanuel School88.7139Greater LondonDayCoeducational1085
31Ibstock Place School88.3105Greater LondonDayCoeducational989
32The Manchester Grammar School88.3204Greater ManchesterDayBoys1668
33Concord College88.190ShropshireDay & BoardingCoeducational605
34Emmaus School88.15WiltshireDayCoeducational49
35St Michael’s School87.747Carmarthenshire, WalesDay & BoardingCoeducational419
36St John’s College, Cardiff87.461Cardiff, WalesDayCoeducational549
37Sir William Perkins’s School87.194SurreyDayGirls585
38Forest School86.3180Greater LondonDayCoeducational1484
39Nottingham High School85.7117NottinghamshireDayCoeducational1177
40Walthamstow Hall85.571KentDayGirls537
41Royal Grammar School85.5138Tyne and WearDayCoeducational1346
42Francis Holland School, Regent’s Park85.461Greater LondonDayGirls534
43Palmers Green High School85.327Greater LondonDayGirls248
44Oundle School84.6199NorthamptonshireDay & BoardingCoeducational1109
45Roedean School84.4130East SussexDay & BoardingGirls705
46Colfe’s School83.6106Greater LondonDayCoeducational811
47St George’s College Weybridge83.4135SurreyDayCoeducational1025
48Queen Ethelburga’s College83.059North YorkshireDay & BoardingCoeducational822
49The Edinburgh Academy81.833Midlothian, ScotlandDayCoeducational1165
50St John’s School81.6120SurreyDay & BoardingCoeducational843
51Exeter School81.5114DevonDayCoeducational945
52Streatham and Clapham High School GDST81.281Greater LondonDayGirls889
53The King’s School, Chester81.292CheshireDayCoeducational1102
54Leicester Grammar School80.8119LeicestershireDayCoeducational1294
55Norwich School80.7123NorfolkDayCoeducational898
56Jersey College for Girls80.396JerseyDay & BoardingGirls722
57Sheffield High School for Girls80.397South YorkshireDayGirls784
58The Maynard School80.154DevonDayGirls470
59Bromley High School GDST80.082Greater LondonDayGirls877
60Badminton School79.955BristolDay & BoardingGirls550
61Loughborough High School79.788LeicestershireDayGirls518
62Reading Blue Coat School79.5104BerkshireDayCoeducational795
63Bradford Grammar School79.4118West YorkshireDayCoeducational1052
64The Leys School79.3101CambridgeshireDay & BoardingCoeducational570
65Ardingly College79.1126West SussexDay & BoardingCoeducational1071
66Stephen Perse Foundation78.9137CambridgeshireDay & BoardingCoeducational1592
67Canford School78.9120DorsetDay & BoardingCoeducational650
68Bristol Grammar School78.5141BristolDayCoeducational1006
69Ruthin School78.350Denbighshire, WalesDay & BoardingCoeducational257
70Yarm School78.2111North YorkshireDayCoeducational1164
71Chigwell School77.485EssexDay & BoardingCoeducational1041
72Immanuel Christian School77.35GloucestershireDayCoeducational40
73Royal High School Bath, GDST77.366SomersetDay & BoardingGirls570
74Stockport Grammar School77.1157CheshireDayCoeducational1132
75Haileybury77.0154HertfordshireDay & BoardingCoeducational903
76Wetherby Senior School75.465Greater LondonDayBoys410
77Leicester High School for Girls75.440LeicestershireDayGirls317
78Nottingham Girls’ High School GDST74.669NottinghamshireDayGirls665
79Epsom College74.5167SurreyDay & BoardingCoeducational1067
80Bablake School73.8129West MidlandsDayCoeducational747
81Park School for Girls73.421EssexDayGirls (some boys)136
82Churcher’s College73.3131HampshireDayCoeducational974
83Shrewsbury School73.0158ShropshireDay & BoardingCoeducational832
84Bedford Modern School72.9154BedfordshireDayCoeducational1291
85The Ladies’ College72.863GuernseyDayGirls525
86The Grange School72.5123CheshireDayCoeducational1206
87Wolverhampton Grammar School71.690West MidlandsDayCoeducational639
88The King’s School, Canterbury71.4137KentDay & BoardingCoeducational925
89Immanuel College71.290HertfordshireDayCoeducational684
90Burgess Hill Girls71.237West SussexDay & BoardingGirls (some boys)610
91The Yehudi Menuhin School70.67SurreyDay & BoardingCoeducational78
92Dame Allan’s Senior Schools70.4113Tyne and WearDayDiamond structure*946
93Cheadle Hulme School70.0176CheshireDayCoeducational1546
94King Henry VIII School69.3101West MidlandsDayCoeducational608
95Brighton Girls GDST69.354East SussexDayGirls411
96St Benedict’s School69.1106Greater LondonDayCoeducational1052
97St Columba’s College69.085HertfordshireDayCoeducational786
98Bedford School68.7141BedfordshireDay & BoardingBoys1111
99St Dunstan’s College68.697Greater LondonDayCoeducational1039
100Godolphin School68.656WiltshireDay & BoardingGirls432
101Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital67.075BristolDayBoys (coed sixth form)776
102Loughborough Grammar School66.8163LeicestershireDay & BoardingBoys870
103Ipswich School66.7141SuffolkDay & BoardingCoeducational885
104The King’s School66.415HertfordshireDayCoeducational176
105The Cathedral School Llandaff66.368Cardiff, WalesDayCoeducational786
106Wychwood School64.918OxfordshireDay & BoardingGirls108
107Scarisbrick Hall School64.060LancashireDayCoeducational838
108Red House School63.942DurhamDayCoeducational340
109d’Overbroeck’s63.443OxfordshireDay & BoardingCoeducational744
110St Gerard’s School Trust63.218Gwynedd, WalesDayCoeducational139
111Elizabeth College62.880GuernseyDayCoeducational867
112The King’s School62.8131CheshireDayCoeducational1081
113Queenswood62.658HertfordshireDay & BoardingGirls463
114Durham High School for Girls62.450DurhamDayGirls351
115Christ College62.442Powys, WalesDay & BoardingCoeducational393
116Newcastle-under-Lyme School62.384StaffordshireDayCoeducational821
117Rougemont School62.247Newport, WalesDayCoeducational658
118Kensington Park School61.928Greater LondonDay & BoardingCoeducational244
119RGS Worcester61.7124WorcestershireDayCoeducational943
120Salesian College61.0108HampshireDayBoys (coed sixth form)629
121The John Lyon School60.9114Greater LondonDayCoeducational837
122St Gabriel’s School60.330BerkshireDayGirls (some boys)453
123AKS Lytham60.186LancashireDayCoeducational742
124Cheltenham College60.0144GloucestershireDay & BoardingCoeducational728
125Felsted School59.697EssexDay & BoardingCoeducational562
126Dixie Grammar School59.444LeicestershireDayCoeducational393
127Lingfield College59.491SurreyDayCoeducational892
128Alton School59.431HampshireDayCoeducational362
129Cranford House School59.357OxfordshireDayCoeducational495
130Shrewsbury High School GDST59.152ShropshireDayGirls340
131New Hall School59.0123EssexDay & BoardingDiamond structure*1330
132Hymers College59.0100East YorkshireDayCoeducational978
132Claremont Fan Court School59.088SurreyDayCoeducational1004
134Oakham School58.2161RutlandDay & BoardingCoeducational1016
135Our Lady of Sion School58.253West SussexDayCoeducational359
136Kimbolton School58.0104CambridgeshireDay & BoardingCoeducational1078
137Al-Zahra School56.517Greater LondonDayGirls119
138Silcoates School56.371West YorkshireDayCoeducational499
139Glenalmond College56.149Perthshire and Kinross, ScotlandDay & BoardingCoeducational311
141Wells Cathedral School55.896SomersetDay & BoardingCoeducational768
142Talbot Heath School55.461DorsetDay & BoardingGirls597
143St Dominic’s Grammar School, Brewood55.311StaffordshireDayCoeducational253
144Babington House School55.317KentDayCoeducational437
145The Mount School York54.020North YorkshireDay & BoardingGirls224
146Kingham Hill School53.946OxfordshireDay & BoardingCoeducational363
147Ipswich High School53.767SuffolkDay & BoardingCoeducational446
148St Leonards53.679Fife, ScotlandDay & BoardingCoeducational600
149Meoncross School53.632HampshireDayCoeducational347
150Clifton High School53.555BristolDayCoeducational724
151St Mary’s College53.465MerseysideDayCoeducational800
152Ratcliffe College53.398LeicestershireDay & BoardingCoeducational778
153St Dominic’s Priory School53.115StaffordshireDayCoeducational177
154Oldham Hulme Grammar School52.994Greater ManchesterDayDiamond structure*767
155St Clare’s, Oxford52.619OxfordshireDay & BoardingCoeducational238
156Mount Kelly52.670DevonDay & BoardingCoeducational628
157Durham Cathedral Schools Foundation52.448DurhamDay & BoardingCoeducational684
158The Royal School Dungannon52.2100County Tyrone, Northern IrelandDay & BoardingCoeducational674
159Al-Sadiq School52.112Greater LondonDayBoys (some girls)196
160Loretto School51.964East Lothian, ScotlandDay & BoardingCoeducational509
161Alderley Edge School for Girls51.965CheshireDayGirls439
162Windermere School51.753CumbriaDay & BoardingCoeducational311
163Cokethorpe School51.695OxfordshireDayCoeducational613
164Normanhurst School51.424Greater LondonDayCoeducational265
165Ditcham Park School51.043HampshireDayCoeducational399
166Hill House School50.956South YorkshireDayCoeducational736
167Ashville College50.781North YorkshireDay & BoardingCoeducational788
168Lichfield Cathedral School50.654StaffordshireDayCoeducational521
169Emmanuel School50.05West MidlandsDayCoeducational85
170Newcastle School for Boys49.939Tyne and WearDayBoys365
171Abbey Gate College49.465CheshireDayCoeducational501
172Farnborough Hill49.1103HampshireDayGirls565
173Rendcomb College48.845GloucestershireDay & BoardingCoeducational396
174St George’s School, Edinburgh48.590Midlothian, ScotlandDay & BoardingGirls (some boys)727
175Westholme School48.489LancashireDayCoeducational653
176Lewes Old Grammar School47.991East SussexDayCoeducational684
177St Mary’s School, Colchester46.947EssexDayGirls (some boys)411
178Tring Park School for the Performing Arts46.941HertfordshireDay & BoardingCoeducational361
179Kirkham Grammar School45.583LancashireDay & BoardingCoeducational899
180Mander Portman Woodward (MPW)44.855Greater LondonDayCoeducational429
181St Edward’s Preparatory School44.349GloucestershireDayCoeducational262
182Highclare School43.840West MidlandsDayCoeducational524
183Victoria College43.290JerseyDayBoys673
184Totnes Progressive School42.925DevonDayCoeducational109
184The Laurels School42.915Greater LondonDayGirls120
186Denstone College and The Prep at Denstone College42.8104StaffordshireDay & BoardingCoeducational772
187Bishopstrow College42.47WiltshireFull Day & BoardingCoeducational46
188Battle Abbey School42.063East SussexDay & BoardingCoeducational579
189St James Senior Boys’ School41.168SurreyDayBoys399
190Cambridge Tutors College40.57SurreyDay & BoardingCoeducational60
191Elmhurst Ballet School40.126West MidlandsDay & BoardingCoeducational176
192Brockwood Park School and Inwoods Small School40.09HampshireDay & BoardingCoeducational85
193Rookwood School39.329HampshireDay & BoardingCoeducational251
194Claires Court39.088BerkshireDayDiamond structure*922
195Oswestry School38.973ShropshireDay & BoardingCoeducational452
196Braeside School38.98EssexDayCoeducational151
197Saint Felix School38.732SuffolkDay & BoardingCoeducational299
198St Edmund’s School Canterbury38.467KentDay & BoardingCoeducational637
199Colchester High School37.940EssexDayCoeducational314
200Jameah Girls Academy36.223LeicestershireDayGirls201
201Shoreham College36.152West SussexDayCoeducational348
202Trinity School35.921DevonDay & BoardingCoeducational253
203Lincoln Minster School35.563LincolnshireDay & BoardingCoeducational484
204Thorpe Hall School34.646EssexDayCoeducational437
205Blanchelande College34.453GuernseyDayCoeducational458
206St John’s College34.157HampshireDay & BoardingCoeducationalClosed
207Rochester Independent College33.744KentDay & BoardingCoeducational360
208Lime House School31.232CumbriaDay & BoardingCoeducational157
209Tettenhall College31.124West MidlandsDay & BoardingCoeducational485
210Beechwood School31.121KentDay & BoardingCoeducational287
211Darul Uloom Islamic High School31.022West MidlandsDayBoys136
212Langley30.378NorfolkDay & BoardingCoeducational446
213Stover School29.374DevonDay & BoardingCoeducational529
214Sherrardswood School28.555HertfordshireDayCoeducational488
215Read School28.229North YorkshireDay & BoardingCoeducational245
216Saint Nicholas School28.033EssexDayCoeducational475
217Thorpe House School26.531BuckinghamshireDayBoys273
218Mander Portman Woodward Birmingham25.529West MidlandsDayCoeducational195
219Beech House School25.316Greater ManchesterDayCoeducational182
220St David’s College24.431Conwy, WalesDay & BoardingCoeducational261
221The Hammond23.929CheshireDay & BoardingCoeducational224
222Stoke College23.015SuffolkDay & BoardingCoeducational136
223Beech Hall School22.216CheshireDayCoeducational209
224Thetford Grammar School19.825NorfolkDay & BoardingCoeducational211
225Hampstead Fine Arts College19.716Greater LondonDayCoeducational209
226Sackville School19.036KentDayCoeducational196
227The Moat School16.424Greater LondonDayCoeducational111
228Hipperholme Grammar School15.333West YorkshireDayCoeducational290
229St Crispin’s School13.612LeicestershireDayCoeducational90
230The Unicorn School12.111OxfordshireDayCoeducational108
231Stanborough Secondary School11.511HertfordshireDayCoeducational55
GCSE Results - UK Independent Schools broken down by Ranking, School name, A*/A percentage, the number of candidates, location in the UK, type of school, girls or boys and total number of pupils.

Highlighting Top Performers in GCSE League Table

In the GCSE league table, each school is ranked based on the percentage of top grades (A*-A or 9-7) achieved by students. Notable institutions such as St. Paul’s Girls School and Westminster School often find themselves at the top of these tables, showcasing an impressive percentage of top grades among their students​3​. For instance, in the 2022-2023 exam data, St. Paul’s Girls School led with a remarkable 99.6% of top grades, closely followed by Westminster School with 98.0%​3​.

GCSE Results Table: A Reflection of Quality Education

The GCSE results table is not just a testament to the academic prowess of the students but also reflects the quality of education provided by these independent schools. The supportive and competitive environment in these schools often propels the students to perform at their best, as seen in the GCSE league tables. Schools like the City of London School For Girls, Guildford High School for Girls, and St. Paul’s School are often featured prominently in these tables, bearing testimony to the high educational standards upheld by these institutions​4​​3​.

Delving Deeper with League Tables GCSE

In addition to the comparison of results, the league tables GCSE often breakdown the data further to show the performance across different genders and the type of school (day, boarding, or both)3. This detailed analysis often helps in understanding the broader landscape of education in the independent schools sector.


Delving Deeper with League Tables GCSE

The Broader Narrative of GCSE Results Table

The narrative of academic excellence as depicted by the GCSE results table often extends beyond mere rankings. It delves into a discourse of how well the independent schools are aligning with the educational objectives set forth by educational bodies and how they compare not just among themselves but also with state schools. For instance, the 2022 data revealed that despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, students at both independent schools and grammar schools achieved a greater proportion of top grades than in 20195.

The United Kingdom is home to an array of distinguished secondary schools, known for their tradition of academic excellence and holistic education. These schools provide a nurturing environment where every student’s potential is recognized and fostered. With a curriculum that’s designed to challenge and inspire, UK secondary schools are stepping stones towards a bright academic and professional future.

However, the journey to achieving outstanding GCSE results is a collaborative effort. Guardians play an indispensable role in this endeavor. Their support, encouragement, and engagement with both the students and the schools contribute significantly to the students’ success. They are not just observers of the educational journey but active participants, working in harmony with the school to ensure that every child receives the necessary support to excel.

A Guardian’s Role in Fostering Academic Excellence

Guardians are the bridge between the school and the students, ensuring a seamless flow of communication and understanding. Their involvement can make a world of difference in the student’s academic experience. By collaborating with the school, guardians can help create a supportive environment that’s conducive for learning, thereby laying a strong foundation for excellent GCSE results.

The heartwarming success stories of many students are a testament to the fruitful collaboration between guardians, schools, and students. It’s a triad of support that propels students to aim high and achieve their academic goals. And the good news is, this collaborative spirit is not just a hallmark of a few schools but is deeply ingrained in the ethos of the UK’s education system.

Embarking on a Journey Towards Academic Success

Parents, your involvement is a precious gift to your child’s education. Your engagement, together with the expertise and dedication of the school staff, creates a nurturing ecosystem where your child can thrive and achieve remarkable GCSE results. In this collaborative endeavor, you’re not alone. The schools are committed to working hand in hand with you, ensuring that your child’s academic journey is rewarding and successful.

Now is the time to take a step towards securing a bright academic future for your child. Explore the opportunities that await in the UK’s esteemed secondary schools and become a part of your child’s journey to academic excellence.

Discover the bespoke educational packages that can provide a seamless transition for your child into the UK’s prestigious secondary schools, and ensure a supportive environment for outstanding GCSE results.

Reach out to us to learn more about how our services can assist you in collaborating with the school to create a conducive learning environment for your child, ensuring their success in GCSE examinations.